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Below, is one music video with English subtitles. It is transcribed and translated here, to help you study:

Fermesk – Mey

Subtitles by Soran Hamid

It is not worth worrying in life.

هێنده‌ناهێنێ دنیا، خه‌م بخۆی

You came as a loan and you are leaving soon.

ئامانه‌تی هاتوی،ده‌بێ زوبرۆی

Especially in old age,

خۆبه‌تایبه‌تی رۆژانی پیری

It would be good if you could cope with solitude

باشه‌ خوبگری به‌گۆشه‌ گیری

Live without sorrow, die without sorrow.

به‌بێ خه‌می بژی به‌بێ خه‌می بمره‌

Cross over to the tavern in the dark corner.

گۆشه‌ی تاریکی مه‌یخانه‌ بگره‌

Sufi, that is enough!

سۆفی به‌سیه‌تی

Don’t cover honesty

راستی مه‌پۆشه‌

Come have a snifter with me.

وه‌ره‌ له‌گه‌ڵ من پێکێک بنۆشه‌

From here to there it is like a field

ئێره‌ بۆئه‌ولا وه‌کوو مه‌زرایه‌

Nothing comes out from the straws of your beard.

کڵۆشه‌ی ریشت چی لێده‌رنایه