Dictionary Resources

These dictionaries are perhaps the best currently available, but each one does contain errors. We recomend using multiple sources.

  • Dictio contains over 14,000 entries
  • Glosbe includes example sentences
  • Scientific Kurdish dictionary with translation to English and Arabic

Dictionary Apps:

  • Ribaz English-Kurdish for Andriod
  • Diwan English-Kurdish-Arabic, Kurdish-English-Arabic, Arabic-Kurdish-English
  • Rebin English-Kurdish-Arabic-Farsi-Turkish with audio for the English entries

A few dictionaries or wordlists freely available for download are included here.

Downloadable Word and Phrase Lists:

Matthews, Philip and Amang Sabir Ali. Working with Kurdish Sorani Speaking Patients: Part 1: Medical Phrasebook. Newcastle. Available here. Accessed Sept. 2012

Prestige Network Limited, translator. “Saying IT in Kurdish (Sorani).” British Educational Communications and Technology Agency; Coventry, UK, 2002. Available here. Accessed Sept. 2012