Grammar resources

Recommended Grammar Reference and Learning Resources:

  • Rempel, Şirǐn and Gulzar. Exercises in Sorani Grammar. “Nǐ Roj” Language Learning. Washington D.C. Kurdish Language & Culture Institute: Springfield, VA, 2004 Order by emailing:
  • Merchant, Livingston T. Introduction to Sorani Kurdish: The Principal Kurdish Dialect spoken in the Regions of Northern Iraq and Western Iran. p 138. ISBN-13: 978-1483969268 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1483969266 “This basic textbook is an introduction to the Sorani dialect of Kurdish, the language spoken in Northern Iraq and in Western Iran. It contains dialogues, vocabularies, elementary grammar, and exercises. The basic sentences are in Latini, the romanized script, and also in Sorani Kurdo-Arabic for the convenience of a tutor or teacher.” Available from and Amazon Europe List Price: $15.00

Free softcopy grammar books:

Below are two downloadable grammar references:

  • Kim, Danielle H., A Basic Guide to Kurdish Grammar: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book. كتێبی ڕێزمانی كوردی. p 89. 2010 Particularly designed for language learners.
  • Thackston, W. M. Sorani Kurdishː A Reference Grammar with Selected Readings. 90p. A scholarly linguistic work.