Welcome to Kurdish Central!

Are you learning Sorani? If so, this website was designed for you.

This site provides a central place for listing many of the Sorani language learning tools which are available online. It also contains links to Kurdish cultural and academic sites.

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Sorani is the variety of Kurdish spoken in parts of Iraqi Kurdistan and some Kurdish areas of Iran. It is also known as "Central Kurdish". We hope that this site will be a great help to you if you live or work where Sorani is spoken, or if you want to communicate with friends and family who come from there.

Where do I begin?

Before you dive in to studying Sorani, click here to read some tips on how to study a language, any language.

Then we recommend that you listen as much as possible to Sorani. Begin with short audio files where you know what is being spoken about. These may include flash cards with audio and interactive pictures with linked audio files. The Conversation Course and other entries under Texts on this site are mostly accompanied by audio recordings and make an excellent basis for beginning to understand basic conversation.

Also use this site to:

  • Type in Sorani easily anytime by downloading keyboard and font software
  • Find resources to help you study grammar
  • Find Sorani words through online and downloadable dictionaries
  • Listen to Kurdish music and learn about other aspects of Kurdish culture.

This site is not a complete course for learning Sorani, rather, it is a tool for self-directed learners. For those serious about attaining a good level of Sorani, we also recommend:

  • Making a language learning plan
  • Working with a language learning coach

Any suggestions, questions, or comments are appreciated.


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