Keyboard and fonts

Download a Kurdish Keyboard

Kurdish and Latini keyboards are freely available for download at: Kurd IT Group.

To download the Sorani Kurdish (Arabic-style script) keyboard, go to

  • 1. Find your operating system (Android, Mac, Wondows 7 etc) in the blue column on the right. Click on it to start download of the program file (ending in .exe).

  • 2. Save the file and click on it to run it.

You may also need to take another step to set it up for use.

For example, in the case of Windows 7:

  • 1. Go to Control Panel, choose "Clock, Language and Region", then "Change keyboards or other input methods", then "Change keyboards" .

  • 2. Click "Add" and choose "Arabic (Saudi Arabia)". Expand all the options associated with that form of Arabic and you should find a list of languages which includes "Kurdi Sorani / Bahdini". Select this one.

Now you should have Arabic showing up as one of your language options, possibly on the toolbar across the bottom of the page. When you select "AR Arabic (Saudi Arabia)" you will be able to type in Kurdi.

Scheherazade and Lateef Fonts

The Unicode fonts Scheherazade and Lateef (downloadable below) are two fonts that support writing in Sorani.

Happy typing!