Kurdish Language Learning Links

These sites are suitable for beginner to intermediate level learners of Kurdish:

Basic Guide – Sorani Introductory sets of beginner’s vocabulary words and phrases with audio.

Flash Card Exchange Set of 215 Sorani-English flash cards to study online.

How to Learn Key Phrases in Kurdish Beginner’s vocabulary and introductory material with Kurmanji and Sorani (in Latini).

Kurdish Language A few games to learn beginner’s Kurdish vocabulary.

Kurdistan Adventures Sweet little dialogue in English, of a fictitious (though, realistic) conversation between a tourist and tour guide.

Phrase Base A few basic phrases in Kurdish Latini.

Sorani Study Sets Eighteen sets of flash cards with interactive games.

Websites for those seeking reading or listening material in Kurdish or information about Kurdish language and culture.

Encyclopædia Iranica Includes articles about the history of Kurdish language and other cultural information. Use the search option to find what you are specifically interested in.

InstitutKurde Fondation de Paris. Includes authentic reading material about Kurdistan and links to gorgeous presentations of Kurdish music, paintings, poetry, dance, and photography.

Kurd Net; Kurdish Music Box MP3s of many Kurdish artists.

Kurd TV New videos of interest to Kurdish speakers. Language and dialect are not stated for each posting.

Kurdish Academy of Language Kurdish site created by Kurdish specialists. Includes links to many forms of information about many varieties of Kurdish.

Kurdish Aspect: Kurdish News and Points-of-view Articles, editorials, poets' biographies, etc.

Kurdish Studies Network A wealth of resources relating to Kurdish Studies.

Kurdistan Adventures Travel agency for touring Kurdistan.

Kurdistanica A database of information on Kurdistan.

KurdITGroup Valuable IT information and links, etc. including Kurdish keyboard downloads, all in Kurdish.

Mandalawi; My Nest in Kurdistan Blog by the author of a book by the same name. The book and blog gush with the author's love for her homeland.

Omniglot Explanations of Sorani’s writing systems and a short list of printed resources with links for purchasing.

Poetry Translation Centre Gives biographies of Kurdish poets, downloadable .pdf’s of poems, links to readings of Kurdish (and other) poetry, etc.

Roj Bash! “A good morning from Kurdistan to you wherever you are” A group blog about Kurdistan in general, with lists of reading references. Gives interesting insight into Kurdish culture and history.