How to Learn a Language - Links

We highly recommend you look into the following resources and incorporate some of these excellent methods while you learn Central Kurdish - Sorani

-The Growing Participator Approach fits well into many aspects of the culture where Sorani is spoken. Dive in and enjoy!

-This Language Learning Bookshelf is a font of wisdom for learning languages. Taking the time to read a few of these valuable articles will save you time, pain, and agony while you go through the process of making Sorani a language that you speak. Language learning should be fun!

-Language Impact provides even more valuable articles to smooth your way to fluency in Sorani. Some are written by Greg Thomson, who developed the Growing Participator Approach.

-So You Want to Learn a Language provides links to almost inexhaustible resources for language learning.

-Fluent Forever gives a nice, quick overview of one man’s language learning method and contains valuable tips